A Jewel in The City of Surakarta

On October 12th, an organization called Warna Warni Indonesia held a small event in Solo. In accordance to National Museum Day, it initiated an event to visit Radya Pustaka Museum. In case you do not know, Radya Pustaka is the oldest and the first museum in Indonesia which happens to be located in the city of Solo.

Mrs. Nina Akbar Tanjung
Mrs. Nina Akbar Tanjung

But before heading to the main event, Mrs. Nina Akbar Tanjung who is also the owner of the organization, prepared a small luncheon in one of city’s historic building called Ndalem Doyoatmojo. This luncheon was held to facilitate the VIP guests from Jakarta, and other city in & outside Indonesia. Since Mr. Akbar Tanjung & Mrs. Nina are well-known public figure, there were many famous people came for the event and this little lunch break in a historical building was made to add the value of the main event (which I will explain on another post), and to attract more guest to come to Solo for the event.

Many people in Solo might recognize Ndalem Doyoatmojo as a building which used to be Kodim (Indonesia Military District Command) office, which then used to be owned by Setiawan Djodi, and now it is owned by Nur Harjanto Doyoatmojo. Not really sure who was the first owner but the famous one was Kwik Tjie Gwan, a rich Chinese merchant around 18th century. He was ordered by the emperor of solo at that time, Pakubuwono X, to import fabrics for the production of Batik. Succeeded importing fabrics from china and supplying the demand for the whole Batik industry in Solo, he became uber rich and owned the house at that time.

So how did I end up in the VIP luncheon? well, honestly I was not in the Luncheon. But my parents who happened to be committee member helped prepare for the event, and I got a chance to explore the house for a bit and took few pictures.

And…. the experience was surreal.

This house is massive, 8000 square meters in the center of the city! The owner also keeps the house in very good conditions and seems to be a collector of fancy artworks. Unfortunately, since this is still a privately owned house, I only photograph 1 part of the house. which is the terrace and the guest pavilion.


Front view of the house, incase you are still wondering which house I am talking about.


A small Pavilion for guest to stay, separated from the main building. Because…. Who doesn’t like privacy?


A small part of a terrace, across the guest pavilion. That is not wallpaper. That is a wall, painted by oil color. It is applied not only for this terrace but many other parts of the house, especially the exterior.


Pretty details of stained glass we could find all over the house.


This is a small living room inside the guest pavilion.


Last but not least is the guest bed room.

I….. honestly got speechless when I first saw the house. I could not believe that such amazing classic house still exist in the middle of modern city. However, this house is very lucky. It got an owner who happens to live a decent life and fond of history & arts, hence the house is well-maintained and even the owner could make it even prettier.

Unfortunately not all old houses have the same luck. Many of them are damaged, or even demolished in favor of new buildings. Let’s just hope that more people are starting to care about our history, not only about the story but also what is left by our predecessors.

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  1. ealah pas ngeklik ini terus moco paragraph awale, takkiro awakmu meh mencoba menelaah museum Radyapustaka demi upaya promosi huhuhu. museum kae sedih banget sih nasibe, marai ingin menangos :”[

    1. Ada post acara lanjutannya di Radya Pustaka, tapi sebagai blogger yg produktif sudah aku tulis & schedule u/ publish nanti kamis yha~~

  2. Fariz Harjanto says: Reply

    Thank you for writing positive comments and feedback about this house.
    Look forward to see you again!

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