Tilik Museum: A Night in Radya Pustaka Museum

Following on my previous post about an event held by Yayasan Warna Warni Indonesia, this post will cover the actual event. The event itself called “Tilik Museum” which means “Visiting the Museum” in javanese. Long story short, the event was held by WWI to raise awareness of the importance of museum, our history, and not to forget that Radya Pustaka museum is the oldest museum in Indonesia. Yes Indeed, it is the oldest museum in Indonesia, built way before National Museum in Jakarta.

If you are aware of the recent news about the museum, earlier this year the museum was closed because it could not afford the operational cost and pay the employee salary. However, with the help of many hands, whether it is from the government and people who do care about the museum it was reopened, and even renovated with some new facilities. Now the museum has a better glass display, it has better narration explaining the artifact, and it event has TV which will show you short movie & history about the artifact.

Last time I went there, I was still junior high school student. It was pretty sad. The museum building was kind of falling apart, the artifact did not seem to get proper care and dusty. But now, it looks waaaay better and more presentable to people and tourist. Without further ado, here are some photos I took from the visit.


Main museum hall which keeps the Gamelan Ageng Radya Pustaka. This gamelan used to be played for special event in Radya Pustaka & Sriwedari.


Better display, now with LED lighting for night visit.


Collection of Keris. Um… for this one, I must say it is a bit creepy cause some of them contain ancient spirits.


Collection of spears. I like the way they display these spears.


Ancient Letter (?) from Ronggowarsito. Well it says “surat” which means letter, but it could be a poem, a song, a story, a prophecy.



A room dedicated for ancient statue. These were collected from temples all around Indonesia.


Last but not least is….. Javanese Zodiac.

Honestly I would love to visit the museum once again with a guide. Hence, I could know more and learn more about the museum, history and those artifacts inside the museum.

In the event itself, after we had a tour in the museum, there were a gala dinner in the Convex. Turned out there were were so many VIPs from Solo, Jakarta, & other cities (including royal family of Keraton & Mangkunegaran, Major entrepreneur, socialite, and many more) who attended the event. I was feeling…. a bit undressed for the event because the dress code only said “batik”…. well ok lulz. I just kept my confidence as my best clothes.

I really want to take some pictures of the dinner itself. Unfortunately, the hall did not have a decent lighting and my crappy camera did not support me either. However the dinner itself is quite enjoyable as we could chat with other significant (some famous people, too), and we were also presented with 3 short movies about the Museum, the history of Sriwedari, and the previous Sunan of Surakarta; Pakubuwono XII.

The movie itself took quite a while in the making as WWI team needs to gather information from Keraton insider, old artifacts & sheet in the Sriwedari, and dig all the information needed, but the result is quite informative. Although the length of each movie was only about 10 minutes, it was packed with many informations. In accordance to the movie screening, WWI also invited historians, high school teachers, and some university students. It is hoped that these group of people could absorb and use the information from the movie for teaching purpose, spreading awareness, and most importantly sustaining the historical and cultural value.

All and all, it was quite an experience for attending the event. Although, it was quite a bummer that I could not join the luncheon but as an art & history enthusiast, this event was absolutely memorable.

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    PENERANGAN LAMPUNYA JUGA JADI BAGUS??? Aku dulu ke sana gelap banget sumpah, surem. Ini bukanya hari apa aja dan jam berapa aja sih? Jadi pengin ke sana kalau pulang nanti huhuhu. Biar nggak cuma jadi mulut yang koar-koar kalau prihatin sama museum tapi berkunjung ke lokasi ogah-ogahan.

    1. Tiap hari buka…. ya kali masa tutup. Hari besar doang tutupnya… tapi gatau sih ini buka malam for the sake of the event atau skrg sampe malam jg buka

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