Back in Jakarta, What’s Next

Karena 17 Agustus baru saja lewat, maka saya mau menulis dalam bahasa Inggris

ngga ada hubungannya woy!


Yep, you read it rght. I’m back in Jakarta. After months spent in Solo, doing some family work and other  stuff, contemplating with what to do with myself and my life I have decided to go back to Jakarta. This time to take master degree, and surprisingly I also get a job.

Why I said surprisingly? At first I thought… I will just  go for my master degree, nothing else. However, realizing how expensive living in Jakarta could be, I considered taking part time job to gain additional allowance. Unfortunately, it came in a very unexpected way.

So at that time, on Friday, I went to Jakarta to finish my registration the next day. However I have also sent an application for a job vacancy. Got a call back, I went for an interview on Wednesday the next week. Turn out it was a trap (scam, fraud, whatever you call it). Got disappointed, I ask my friends to let me know if there is a vacancy for part time job in their company. Believe me, looking for a part time job is really hard in Jakarta. I mean… office part time job, not barista, waiter or things like that.

So I sent my application, 10 minutes later I got a call from the HR manager. Like… whut? Went for interview for the next day, took 2 hours of interview with  the HR manager and COO, went home… No actually, I have not reached home yet but then  I got an email saying that I got accepted.

kadang hidup emag se-bercanda ini

I have been struggling to get a job, I wanted to go for further study, and just like that it all happened in one week. I do not even know what to expect next.

So what next?

Well, it started out very funny you see. May be this time it will be a hell of a ride in Jakarta. I definitely fight for my own life this time, it is not like what I have gone through as a undergraduate student where everything is amazing cute and whimsical. I think I will just believe in my capability, do my best and let God do the rest. Hopefully, it also end amazingly.

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