Eat (at) Kobo


I should have had posted my dining experience at Kobo last week, not long after my first food review. However, because of my laziness and lack of writing idea hectic schedule I have to push it back. Yeah, late is better than never right? Pardon my excuses.


Another clean looking dining place? Well, apparently this kind of look is quite trendy for a restaurant. If you look closer, these are actually printed artwork of people eating hotdogs, burgers, at a café, at the beach, wherever place possible.


And of course, an obligatory inspirational quotes.

At that time, I was super hungry already. It was above 8 pm and the rain does not seem to stop in the next few minutes. Didn’t want to waste my time anymore, I opened their menu right away and see what’s interesting to order. Turn out they are offering two kinds of burger for each variant. Hence, you got to choose whether you want processed beef (which you can find in local supermarket) or their pure beef. I believe that the pure beef is what meant to be their signature home-made patty, therefore I chose to order the pure beef one.


Too bad, they were running out of fries when we got there. I think we came there too late, since they are open since 1 pm, or… it’s just our bad luck. Sigh… in the end, we ordered a nachos with cheese sauce instead. With only 10k, I think the amount nachos and cheese sauce is pretty decent, good enough for us to kill time, chit-chatting, and waiting for our main course.


Then, the bomb arrived. THIS pure beef “Carnivore” Burger. Actually I was curious with the cheese burger, but since my friend ordered that I went with this instead. Oh, when you ordered a burger the attendant will ask you if you want a regular bun or a black bun. I chose to have a black bun, just because….. (Actually I had no reason, I just wanted to).  And this burger will only cost you 26K, which I definitely approved the value for money. I mean… look at the size!


However, I must admit that my burger is totally defeated by my friend’s “Cheese Me” Hotdog. That generous amount of mayo and cheese sauce, you can see it pouring down through the sausage and the bun. Damn, I have to order that the next time I come to Kobo.


All and All Kobo is a great place when you are looking for burger & hotdog in solo with decent taste and good value for money. Moreover, if you tired of those mediocre burgers served by fast food chain, Kobo is a way to go. The restaurant itself has existed for more than 1 years. The original one was opened in Serengan area, last year a bit before Idl Fitr. But recently they decided to move into Manahan area, next to SMA 4 which is actually closer to my house. Good deal indeed!


Jl. K.S. Tubun No. 28 (Timur SMA 4),  Solo

Google maps: click here

Instagram: click here

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 1 pm to 10 pm

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