Finding Myself Again in 2018

Hello folks,

Many of you must have realized that this blog is dying from 2017 to 2018. You know, when you decided to be a persistent blogger, that’s not an easy thing to do, especially when you are juggling with more than 1 life. That was actually happened to me.


So what happened back then?


A lot actually. But let me start with the beginning of all.

Earlier in 2017, I decided that I wanted to take my master study. Way to go Adit, that’s great, you should improve your quality.  Well guys, that’s not wrong, but  I think the reason why I went taking master degree is wrong. You see, I was caught on routine loop and afraid that I would be rotten, sucked into a life I didn’t enjoy. Then I proposed to my mom that I wanted to do another study, I didn’t want to ended up just… as mentioned before, rotten, doing things I didn’t like, and so on. Then she agreed with the condition of my mom only paying for my study, while for my allowance is up to me to find it.

OK MOM, that’s one of my bucket list anyway. Go to college while taking a part time job sounds cool, huh?

this picture of happy part time barista is a LIE


WRONG. It is a hell of a life, until now.

God is a troll, I believe in that. Because, a year before I was dying to get a job in the labor market. At  the time I was accepted to a college for my master degree, then God decided to, “Here’s your job, pick 1 out of 3 I gave you.” – I’m not making up  about this. Thanks God, Alhamdulillah for your troll.

Then i picked a job which is the most flexible of it all. Hence I could manage my study while still working and earn some extra penny for a living in Jakarta. It was a really nice job actually. It pays well, working time is flexible, I get to know many  side of Jakarta, and I got to meet many business owner.

Time went by, and life started to roll with many things came into me. College started and it goes with tasks and social activity of my classmates. As I was back in Jakarta, somehow my high school friends also started working in Jakarta. Wow, more friends I got to hang out more, then to balance it out I also involve into religious and cultural activity.

joking, I mean… balance wha….t? work – life balance is a myth.

After a semester went by, and now a new year came in my life has lose direction overall. I feel that I have dedicated my life to my job, my study, and my social life to the level I do not have time for myself. For being me, and enjoying myself. To make it worse, recently my dad just realize  that his health is not good as year before, and start to ask me to take oper some of his job in our family business. OH, there should not be any better time!

Another God’s troll. Thanks, Alhamdulillah!

All that fuss, then I realized that I need to get back on track. The reason I get into business school for master degree is to grab and see new opportunity available in Jakarta. Which I have actually seen some of them, now is time to take action and execute it with creating new business…. or whatever….

Too much talk Adit, Pak Sony (my lecturer) said “my business started yesterday” *self punch*

Few days ago, one of my class mates shares a really good point about similar but different situation. She actually also inherited with family business, which I think she is way luckier than me as the company is more settle and stable, with her working in the company in a longer period compare to me working on my company. Anyway, her point was, as she will inherited with her family business, so what makes her herself? Because the company used to belong to her parents, and people might think that she’s just got lucky because she’s the heir. And that god me thinking, what makes me Aditya Pramudita? How will people remember me?

Yeah, that will need a longer process to figure it. For the mean while, I’ll just accept that world is salty a f. Do you know how hard it is becoming a heir of a company, with huge responsibility? Not only running the company but keeping the well-being of people who work for you.

All and all, after a full week of contemplating and evaluating my life. I really want to start over with a better direction this time.

Wish me luck!

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