Iklan Calorie Mate: Senpai…


  • Senpai, does any of these chores make sense?
  • It does…
ever thought to quit?
  • Is there any thought to quit yet?
  • There is… only one time
  • Only Once?
  • Once a week…

  • I really want to hurry up and do well ah….
  • Don’t just think… and don’t cry to do the job…
  • I’m not crying 🙂


This advertisement actually sums up what I wanted as young grad entering adulthood and workplace. I wish that I have a friend or senior and stay together with me. Therefore, I’m not so lost and clueless what am I gonna do with my life.


Maybe this ad is too good and too romantic to be true. But if you already have one, cherish your Senpai with all your heart.

2 Replies to “Iklan Calorie Mate: Senpai…”

  1. HHHHHHHHH menemukan senpai yang perhatian dan membimbing itu dalam kehidupanku sama fantasinya dengan menemukan circle pertemanan yang damai pengertian dan menerima ada adanya :)))))))))

    (Lha piye sekalinya dapet circle di masa sekolah malah mimpi buruk wqwqwqwq)

    1. :)))) makanya aku bilang too good & too romantic to be true

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