The Internet: Kubo and the Two Strings

Welcome to “The Internet” a section in my blog where I’m going to talk about what seems to be a hot topic around the internet or media. Let’s get started with my first one.

So apparently Laika’s new upcoming movie “Kubo and the Two Strings” is all over the internet lately, especially on entertainment section. Actually the first time I saw the trailer I was interested, but not that much. I was thinking, “wow nice, a new animation with quite interesting story.” But then I see the articles hyped all over the place and I was like, “huh? It’s a stop motion???? Emagheeeerd”

I haven’t seen stop motion movie for a long time. Well, not so long, but some good stop-motion movies I like are mostly produced by Tim Burton (the Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Frankenweenie), and other than that I only recognize Shaun the Sheep (TV Series) and Coraline. I was so excited when I knew that Laika animation studio is the same studio that produce Coraline.

So what / who is this Laika animation studio? Here is their brief introduction.

I think what they do is simply becoming the hipster on animation industry. Animation makers are busy making 3D animation, and Laika sees that the market is dominated by big player (such as Disney Pixar), so they create animations using one of the oldest animation-making technique. However it is now also aided with advance technology like 3D Printing, computer graphic animation, and many high tech stuff to make those puppets look more “alive”.

So what about Kubo? Why is it all over the internet?

Well… I’m not going to talk about the story what-so-ever. I see that people in the internet are talking about this movie because of the Scale of the movie itself. The complexity of the craftsmanship, the technology being used in the movie, and not to mention that the time consumed in making Kubo (including the creative process) took the studio 5 years of process. Hence If Coraline was released in 2009, then soon after that they already started brainstorming and do whatever it needs to make this movie happen.

So here are some interesting videos, and articles I gather from the internet.

First and most comprehensive I think comes from The Verge

They also have more in depth articles written by Tasha Robinson which you can find here.

Wired also talk about the making process of the opening scene. It’s amazing how the CEO of Laika, Travis Knight, explain the making of creating beach sand texture, and how they create the texture of hair blown by wind. Remember this is a stop motion, means you need to capture it frame by frame.

On the interview with Movie Extras they mention that they use laser cut to make the leaves which then compounded into an origami-like ship.

On the other interview with Focus Features they reveal the creative and research process of the design, historical aspect, and also the soundtrack making.

All and all, I think this is a really promising movie which is released on the theaters in US starting today. However, I don’t think it will be available in Indonesia as I don’t found the release date of Indonesia in IMDB. *cries internally*

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