So, We Went to Puncak

Yes we did!

It was a bit unexpected that my fellow ENTRÉE 13 and I finally went to Puncak. Personally I thought the hype of the idea was “hangat-hangat tai ayam” as many Indonesian said. However in D-1, some of us start questioning again about the idea and kind of say “hey, are we doing this? Let’s just do it!”

After that not-so-planned decision, we finalize the idea to go to Puncak by Car and gather all of our money to pay the villa.

That escalated quickly, I know.

I think most of us was really tired of the mid-exam, and after having only few hours sleep to finish our Business Initiation exam, going to Puncak was suddenly becoming a good idea again.

And so here we go!

Yeap, we all questioned why Firman looked so tense in the picture.

Our journey to Puncak was actually fine. Despite the hard rain, we had time to enjoy coffee and snacks in starbucks to continue our journey uphill.

And some of us (not me) was so hungry, we decided to go to Cimory Riverside to have our dinner. It was quite a place, I cannot comment about the food though because I did not eat.

Then it is time to go to our villa. I did not know how it happened, but 3 out of our 4 cars was… lost. Well, not exactly lost but we went too far high on the main street. In the end we went down again and find the way to the villa, which is scary af. Not scary in terms of ghostly scary, but some part of the road was so steep, and did not have any lights. Thankfully we did not go with the plan of using bus, because… I don’t think we could go up by bus.

By the time we arrived in villa. We did not waste any time, I think all of us was go ahead and preparing all the necessity. Whether it is personal or communal. Some of us cook our midnight snack, some of us prepare games we are going to play, while many of us was also busy enjoying the villa, took a bath, and do other stuff.

After that we go ahead with the main activities for the night. There was a lot going on actually, some of it was fun and some was not. All I can say is that what happen that night in Puncak was the time when we finally could know personally one another as a classmate and friends. Also the session (as expected) went so damn long which even made some of did not have any sleep.

Quality time indeed.

The next day was quite a chill time. In the morning, we had breakfast with a little barbeque time. That sausage and corn was supposed to be grilled during the night, but we were too busy eating siomay, having a good time and time was just slipped. So we ended up eating it in the morning.

But before we head home, group photos in the villa!

And, because we are energetic millennials full of ideas (read: sok ide) instead of going down to go home, we went UP again to have lunch before going home. We also have one last “take out” of the trip over there. We were asked to write down what we think of our friend, and what we think they can improve, hence in the end we got diverse view from our friends and it was quite an input for all of us. In the end, that sums up our short trip to Puncak.

One think I remember clearly from this trip is what Iqbal said that he wanted the trip not just be one time to hang out and have fun for us, but also time to know each other, help each other, and have things we could carry home afterwards. I think we all have achieved that on this trip, despite all the time limitation and planning.

I am greatly thankful that I could join the trip, and know these people more. Hope that we could stay close together, supportive, and be successful!


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